Set 2014

Expo Tango y Jazz (Mueven al Mundo)

Exto Tango y Jazz (mueven al mundo) del 1 al 30 de septiembre de 9 a 19hs.

June 2013


Mrs.Janine and Mr. Lyndon Barrois purchased “Charlotte”. The painting flew from the art space of El Petite Maison Puerto Madero, Argentina, to Beverly Hills on June 2013.

June 2013


Janine Sherman Barrois is a renowned writer and executive producer (Criminal Minds for HBO) and Lyndon is a big animation director (The Matrix Revolution, Happy Feet, between other prime productions of Hollywood Industries).

Oct 2013

Do You Love Me? and others

Arthur Lewis purchased four pieces. During my visit to New York I met Arthur, Mark, China & Sheena. Lovely, shining people that made me feel at home. Arthur owns an important collection at his space in NY and at L.A.

Arthur introduced me with the work of amazing U.S. artists and kept "Desire", "Whishes", "Do You Love Me?" and "Mooooaaah! I am also working on more art for him.



Oct 2013

Just what is it that makes our lifestyles so different, so appealing?

Gabriela A. Vazquez purchased "Just what is it that makes our lifestyles so different, so appealing?" Gabriela is a Federal Judge. She owns an interesting petite art collection that shows her very good taste for arts.

Sep 2013

Creati Macla

Argentinian architect José Luis Bocos purchased "Creati Macla", the painting I made as a donation for the Contemporary Latin American Art Museum of La Plata.  



Whe spent the evening drinking coffee at his home with other two artists (Josie and Pilar), listening classical music while he showed his collection. I was very pleased to found my Creati hanging sided with an Antonio Berni piece!